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Is Queen's worth the debt?

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Although my parents make a lot of money, i can't afford Queen's because they're in huge debt. OSAP doesn't look at this, so basically i won't get any financial aid from them.
This would mean getting a student loan with a bank.
I want to know, is it worth it? Queen's is the university of my dreams and i'm dying to go.
Is it realistic to have a job in first year and stay on top of the loan? Or am i being completely unrealistic here?

my second option is UofT
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If the debt is worth the experience, and you really are dying to go, then yes, it could be worth it.

I think having a job is totally doable. Instead of a job I played varsity sports, which was probably the same time commitment, and I did fine.
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While Queen's tuition is high, they are also give 24 million dollars to students every year. Also, I know that in their admission bursary, they have a space in which you can state extenuating circumstances. However as I am not sure if your situation would be included, I would recommend contacting a financial planner at Queen's. If you are awarded a bursary (up to 3000$) from Queen's, then you can also be eligible for a job at Queen's in which you can make up to 2000$. Also, there are always scholarships as well. Queen's gives a scholarship of 2000$ for those who obtain averages of 90 to 94.9% and 8000$ for 95% and above. Plus there are the major admission awards (might be too late now), other Queen's scholarships and external scholarships.

Plus, you can always work during the summer and even part-time during the school-year. You could even save money by asking to have a room mate.

If Queen's is your dream, then there is no reason why you should not go for it! Just start your financial planning now.
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