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Is residence really worth the money? Ryerson/York

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Ok, im debating whether i wanna live in residence next year. It's a lot of money so I wannna know if its really worth it. So people who have lived in residence, did you find living in th dorms a good expierence? was it fun? are there any negatives? worth the money? I especially wanna know how the rez life is at Ryerson or York. So if you have lived in residence their tell me about your expierence! :) I can commute to the schools if I want but i just want the full university expierence and i think if i commute im not gonna have that good of a time. so people who commute/ have commuted, ddid you feel like you were missing out on things?
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A photo of inthemaking inthemaking
It was worth it for me, because the suitemates I was randomly placed with became my best friends at university. Still living with them 2 years later (we moved into a house off campus in 2nd year). Definitely will be my best friends for life, going to be my bridesmaids at my wedding etc. However, had I not made great friends through rez, I probably would say it wasn't worth it.
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