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Is Saugeen campus at UWO a party campus?

A photo of dfrance55 dfrance55
I am going to UWO next year and I would like to go to Saugeen campus. But I heard that it's non-stop partying, which might turn me off of living there. What is the best campus to live on at UWO? I like to party sometimes, but only when I can manage my school as well.
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A photo of cosstickxx cosstickxx
depends on the year and who's living in it.
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A photo of cmcneil92 cmcneil92
first of all, it's a rez, not a campus... and yes, it's hard core partying. It alone turned me off even going to Western. It's disgusting.
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A photo of 123abcuwo 123abcuwo
Someone already said this, but Saugeen is a residence, not a campus.
About 1/3 of first-year students end up in Saugeen. With more students in a building (compared to other rez), naturally there are more parties.
However, it's not to say that people don't study, or they party 24/7. That's not the case. I have friends that lived in Saugeen in 1st year and still did very well academic wise. Honestly, everyone I know who lived in Saugeen in 1st year weren't looking forward to it when they 1st found out...but ask them at the end of their first year & they'll all tell you they had the most amazing experience at Saugeen and wouldn't trade it for any other rez.
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