yconic - Is there a fairly large gap between 87 and 86.9 for Rotman?
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Is there a fairly large gap between 87 and 86.9 for Rotman?

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Okay. I've posted on this forum before whining about my average
I think I worked relatively hard for mid-term, but my English mark just didn't turn out as great as last year (because we had more tests than essays... I had 86 midterm last year and this year I have an 80.)

But fortunately I'm an international student who achieved a pretty good TOEFL score, and they don't look at my English but my 12U Adv. Functions I took in Grade 11. Now, I really didn't think I was going to apply to business programs, and I didn't bother to put effort in math, so I only have an 85.

And therefore my overall average including all 6U courses is 86.9999999%

Since my Calc mark is not that great either (84%), and my UT Application Status still says "Pending Review", I'm getting extremely concerned.

I've heard that an average of 87 is pretty solid for Rotman Commerce
but my mark is slightly below 87... I know it's just .1% difference, but when if comes to evaluating thousands of students who have 86-87 averages... I'm just not sure anymore.

Do you think someone with 86.9% stand the same chance as someone with 87% average?

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Well on thing I know for sure is that they dont round up (but I think you knew that already). With that being said it might be possible that they treat your mark as just an 86. It's possible, but I dont know. I think you probably still have a shot with an 86, and you have an even better chance with an 86.9.
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