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Is there a possibility

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I decided to switch fields and go from business into medicine
so now i have to switch courses,...
but my teacher said that with a bad average in math that i have, i wont be able to take all of the sciences because they involve math as well (chem and physics)my math average is pretty low (around 70) but i know that if i try, i could improve that mark....
my science is better, around a high 80ish but i could improve on that too....
my overall average isnt so bad, about an 85ish....again i could improve....
i want to ask that to get into pharmacology or a science faculty, i need the three sciences in high schools but still get really good grades...........is grade 11 and 12 chem and bio and physics and university math combined a bad choice or if enough hard work is put into it, can it become easy,
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You don't need all 3 high school sciences to get into a Science program.
Only 2 of the 3.
+ Calculus
and some programs require Math 12 (or Adv Functions if you're from Ontario)
It is safer to take all 3 sciences though, just to have a back up in case you mess up in one.
Personally, I took all 3 sciences, both at the grade 11 and 12 level, as well as both Math 12 and AP Calculus.
I was in the same situation as you.
The first time I took Math 12 (which was last year in grade 11 because I'm one year ahead in Math), I did VERY poorly. A little better than you're doing now, but still not up to my own standards.
But I used that mark and submitted it for university anyways, for the schools that required marks right away.. such as U of T and Waterloo, and I still got accepted.
But the one thing that did help bring my mark up was my English 12 mark (95) as well as my 2 sciences which were in the high 80s low 90s.

The one thing I can tell you is that it doesn't get any easier, sorry.
Grade 11 sciences are a lot of calculations - especially Physics and Chem. Grade 12 Phys and Chem is a lot more conceptual kinds of topics..
Bio 11 and 12 are pretty similar.. both are pretty much memorization, but bio 12 has quite a bit of Chemistry incorporated into it.
But if you're willing to work hard to pull your math mark up, and even your science marks up a little.. Science/Pharmacology is definitely a possibility in the future.

If you can pull up your average of your top 6 (assuming you're from Ont) including Eng 12, 2 Science 12s, Adv Functions, Calculus, and one other course to at LEAST a 90.. You're pretty much guaranteed a spot at 75% of the universities you will apply to.
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