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Is there anything i can do?

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Today we got back our course updates and the mark that will be on our midterm for my exercise science class. On the first unit test my mark overall was a 91 y second unit test was a 90, my first assignment was a 90 and my last assignment i received a 100 for Inquiry, 80 for application and 70 for communication. The problem is that because the majority of the class did extremely poor on the first two tests, so the teacher decided to weigh the communication mark (70) 18% of the total mark.

The person i was paired with for this presentation wasn't in class for two weeks did not contact me about the project, didn't even know when it was due, so i did half of it , waited for him and realized he wasn't going to contribute, and when the day finally came we presented the project and the mark was not individual, so for his lack of knowledge we received a 70%, this put my mark at 86%, and i put in a lot of work into that class to get a 90, but this is really stressing me out, my goal was a 90+ in every class but this just really put me off

Is there anything i can do or ask to get a different mark? like explain that 100% of the project was done by me, or ask to do another communication presentation to update the mark?

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Seriously relax. In university getting over a 80, is a huge accomplishment.
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You should have spoken to the teacher before the presentation. But yeah, I think you should definitely ask if there's anything you can do to upgrade the mark.
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