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is this even possble...?

A photo of Annie24 Annie24

Hey everyone,

Is it possible for me to start a course(im in second term of grade 12 now) and have that mark sent in and used for university applications? I probably cannot take it a new course at school so could I take a night credit or saturday school? Im just afraid that it is in the middle of the term and that I might be too late:( I would really appreciate it if anyone could help me with this!
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A photo of Katarina101 Katarina101
By second term I hope you mean the second half of the first semester. If this is it, then guidance counsellors won't even let you take a new course, it's too late, unless you wait for the next semester. And you have until January to send them everything. Please elaborate and explain your situation more in depth.
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A photo of superstar2011 superstar2011
Are you enrolled in a non-semestered school?
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A photo of nehalkazim nehalkazim
From what I understand, courses in night school/other accredited schools start and end around the same time.
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A photo of bcd92 bcd92
If you mean second term of first semester, then yes your late. You have the option of taking private night schools now. Or wait until second semester starts or check if its offered online. Good luck (:
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