yconic - IS THIS REAL?! College course that can take you to grade 12 functions!!
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IS THIS REAL?! College course that can take you to grade 12 functions!!

A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
I just found out today that there is a course you can take in grade 12 that will take you to grade 12 functions..and this course is a college course!

Mathematics for college technology, MCT4CI
it says the prequisite for this course is MCF3M1, and once you take this course, you can get into MHF4U1? Grade 12 university advanced functions

I thought this was unreal, and not true because I always knew that a college course could never take you to a university course..but how is this possible? And I double checked so many times, the MHF4U1's prequisits are MCR3U1 (GR 11 FUNCTIONS) and MCT4C1

is this real??? is there a catch to this??!
do universities allow this?

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A photo of cosstickxx cosstickxx
I don't see why a university wouldn't allow it. They just want you to have the prereq's.
It doesn't seem that unreal to me - I'm assuming the MCT4C woudl be similar to the 3U course
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