yconic - Is U of T that much better than McGill for Engineering, and can I handle this program?
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Is U of T that much better than McGill for Engineering, and can I handle this program?

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Hello, I am a high schooler from Calgary and am planning to go at either one of these schools. My family is in Montreal and I know a lot of people there so I'd like to move there and take Computer Engineering in McGill, but I know for a fact that U of T (and Waterloo, but I don't want to go there) are better schools than McGill for engineering. My question: is U of T THAT much better than McGill for engineering? Is it going to a make a big difference in the end?

I have a second question as well. Will it be very difficult for me to enroll in these engineering problems in either school? I'm above average in terms of grades, but not that great. My marks right now:
Math 30P - 92%
Chem 30 - 83%
ELA 30 - 77%
FLA 30 - 91%
Physics/Calculus next semester.

I can use my FLA 30 mark to calculate my average for McGill, which is a plus. If U of T is a lot harder than McGill, please tell me. I don't want the curriculum to be too hard that I won't have time for myself and/or a social life. Keep in mind that I'm not like most geniuses on this forum that can easily get 90-95% average.

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UofT is not "better" then Mcgill. The whole ranking system is based on research not undergrad program. It depends on what you want to do and what school suits you. It wont make a difference if anything your better off going to mcgill since you want to live in montreal. Your average looks good. You should have a good chance either way. Furthermore there is no such thing as an easy engineering degree. Either way you will have to work hard. Look at both schools and decide which one interests you more.
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A photo of RobertHogg RobertHogg
Realistically both Toronto and McGill are well-known, respected schools and if you graduate, in either case you will end up as a highly employable student.
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