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Is UTM Mat133 easy or hard?

A photo of larryparry larryparry
I am at UTM. I am taking MAT133 this summer (2011). I never took calculus before in my life. The last math course that I ever taken was advanced functions...that was like in 2010 January.

How can I prepare for calc? is it really gonna be hard? Lots of people are discouraging me but I hope I can do it.
Could you guys please give me some advices and tips?

P.S: Anyone who took this class before. K?
Thanks a bunch.
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
I just finished mat133 this semester, its not an easy class nor is it a hard class.

the first quarter is financial math, curve sketching and logs,
the second quarter is derivatives
the third quarter is integrals
the fourth quarter is partial derivatives and multivariable calculus.

i had a friend who never took math past gr11. he did better in it than me. its all about work ethic. put the time in and you should have no problem. i think the most focus would be logs and natural log and finding the integral and derivative of everything.

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