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Ivey AEO Acceptance

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Ok so I am currently in grade 12 in ontario and my first semester marks are crap:
Law - 70%
Marketing: 65%
Advanced Functions: 95%

Second semester I will take 5 courses to make up for the only one god mark
So for second semester will look like:
Calculas: 95%
English: 96%
International Business: 90%
Food and Nutrition: 90%
Crafts: 92%

So with my top 6 including prerequisites my average will be around 93% give or take.

I have numerous references and experiences with EC activities so that will be a bonus. 

What are my chances of getting into IVEY AEO since they will see my first sem crap marks even though they will not be apart of my top 6?????????????
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Not great to be honest....
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I'm assuming that's just your first sem midterms. Universities don't even see those. Get your final marks way up. Ask your teachers if you can do extra work and just push to get the 70 and 65 at least to an 80. You don't want to have final marks below the 80% range, even if your average is decent. It shows that you don't have good work habits or commitment. If you can't get at least an 80 in a high school course, how are you going to succeed in Ivey- That's how they're going to look at it. So just good luck and try and get those grades up.
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So even though my top 6 will still have an average above a 90% do you think that those two courses might still weigh my chances down?
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Even if you do get AEO, you're gonna get killed in university and will most likely lose AEO anyways.....try for queens comm instead
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