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Ivey Applicants, were your refrees contacted?

A photo of EdwardZ EdwardZ
I heard from a lot of applicants that their refrees have been contacted to verify their activities. Mine haven't been contacted, does this mean anything?
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A photo of Augustus1 Augustus1
My first referee was contacted around 9 February. All I know is they sent them my whole 500 word essay on the activity and asked them to verify.

I submitted my AEO application on 15 January, by the way, so it wasn't that long before the deadline for me to be part of the "early" submissions. I don't think any of us on the forum really know if the timing of our contacts "means" anything.
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A photo of BudsFan94 BudsFan94
Yes, my number one activity reference was contacted. As the Augustus said, they send an email to confirm that what you wrote was legit.
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A photo of cliffhanger33 cliffhanger33
The Ivey representative on this forum already clearly said there is no correlation between the time your referees were contacted and your status of the application. They will contact all three references for all applicants, so don't worry.
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A photo of meganrankin12 meganrankin12
okay..so now I'm really freaking out..
not because I lied about my activities, but I accidently put the wrong first name for one of my references (shes a teacher and I was looking at the wrong name on my schools website)
therefore, her email is also messed up..........am i totally screwed? i did still put the school telephone number though...aghh
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