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Ivey ECON and BMOS

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Hi all, I just had a quick question regarding application to Ivey. So,I applied through ouac to econ for my first two years of study at Western, but was wondering if I could also apply for BMOS as well? Reason for this is if I take BMOS, i wont have to take gr 12 economics first period next semester, which would be a break and give me time to focus on calc and whatnot.

Just wondering if this was advisable, I know friends who have applied to two different programs at the same university, so I assume this is like the same?

Any advice or feedback greatly appreciated :D
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Grade 12 econ is not a prereq for Western econ so you don't have to take it regardless.
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You can apply to up to 3 programs all for Ivey AEO status.
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