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Ivey HBA 2011 admissions

A photo of PhoebeCaulfield1234 PhoebeCaulfield1234
I currently have a 91 top six average and have strong EC's. I am co-president of a club, I weekly volunteer at a day care, I am a volunteer tutor for kids with learning disabilities, and I am on a committee for the Learning Disabilities Associations to organize an annual fundraiser in which I played a crucial role in obtaining donations and sponsorships and I am self-employed private tutor. What are my chances of getting AEO status. I know my school's midterms marks went in a bit later and no one from our school has heard from Ivey after midterms, but I am getting worried. and I also put a lot of effort into my essays.
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A photo of mvplayur mvplayur
I got in with an 88.33. I'd say I had a strong application. Good essays, 14 activities, although I did have 1 serious entrepreneurial venture and then 2 from school.

But yeah, 90, you're already competitive, as long as your supplementary was nice you should make it.
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A photo of kevinlien kevinlien
What usually is the cutoff for AEO status ^?
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A photo of PhoebeCaulfield1234 PhoebeCaulfield1234
On the website it says around 90%...but I was reading the other forums and people are getting in with high 80s
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