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Ivey? Hoping to go into Science+Business

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I'm a graduating IB Diploma student from BC, and I've applied to Queen's, Sauder's, Ivey AEO and Waterloo. I'm not quite sure of where I'll end up yet, but I know that I'd like to combine my passions for Science and Business, possibly becoming a financial consultant (hopefully in the biotechnological field or pharmaceutical), innovation venture or patent attorney. Now I know that the three careers I've listed are very different, but it's just a guideline of some sorts to provide a direction (as of now).

So far, I'm inclined towards Western Ontario and Ivey, with their Dual-Degree BSc and HBA program that would provide me with (what I think) the best platform for what I want to go into, as I would end up with a degree in Science and in commerce.

However, I'm also wondering about the other schools that I've been accepted, namely Queen's commerce, Sauder's commerce and Waterloo Biotech/econ (I would graduate with only a BSc however). I've heard that Ivey HBA is one of the best for consulting, which seems appealing, but that's just my opinion. I was wondering if anyone can help me with my dilemma, if Ivey would be the better choice, or else I should look somewhere else? Thanks.
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