yconic - Ivey only allows you to list 3 ECs, which 3 would you choose?
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Ivey only allows you to list 3 ECs, which 3 would you choose?

A photo of tusaani tusaani
Without much elaboration, here are some of the ECs I'm involved in:

- Debate Club: VP (4 years)
- Model United Nations: President (3 years)
- DECA: Executive (2 years)
- Exchange Program to Quebec (includes work placement, French language, was during this summer)
- Tutoring business (entrepreneurship started by myself a year ago)
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A photo of maynards maynards
We could only give input if you gave more information about your ECs.

It all depends on what you did in your time with those activities.
Debate Club - What exactly did you do as VP? Did you only hold the title and just attend regular meetings? or did you host a tournament? or what. this could be good if you told us what you did as VP.

And like the Exchange to Quebec, what kind of work did you do? what did you learn?

Tutoring Business - what was involved in this business? how did you get it going and what kind of commitments did you make?

all of your topics are good to write about, but if you want me to help you narrow it down, you'd have to give more information.
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A photo of Nick0rz Nick0rz
Pick the three that best exemplify drive, leadership, and the ability to make your own decisions (and be confident in them).
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A photo of onlymatthew onlymatthew
It really does depend on how much you did in each club. Pretty much everyone applying to get into Ivey will have relatively the same credentials: general arts/humanities club, part time job and DECA (or a sport if they're a healthy human being). What really distinguishes you is your ability to write about it.

The admissions board can't just see a club and assume that your association with it means that you actually did something. For example, listing that you were a DECA executive could actually mean very little (I'd wager to say it doesn't mean that much for most high school chapters). In particular, being a DECA executive doesn't reveal how well you performed in competition or how much business knowledge you actually learned. Being an executive on any club could be because your school's club is small, because there's little interest for it or maybe you've been ushered into the leadership role by default because you've been with the club for so long.

That being said, I'd probably go with:
- one of MUN or Debate Club (whichever you had more impact in, I'd lean towards MUN just because you were the president and everyone loves presidents)

- DECA (I know I sort of bashed it, but it's a classic on every supplementary)

- exchange program to Quebec (makes you sound fancy and cultured, like a bread).

The tutoring business is sort of a grey area just because you'd likely have to be your own reference. Unless you have solid work contacts, then this might be your ace in the hole.

Also, I don't know what inside track looks like this year, but is there a separate spot for employment or job experience?
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A photo of iliketurtles iliketurtles
I spent a month in Quebec as part of the Explore program learning French, could that count as one of my activities? I feel like it's a little off because they ask for leadership roles, and while i have leadership roles (clubs, sports, etc) I kind of want to write something different from all my friends :P
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A photo of ndrwzheng ndrwzheng
I'd go with DECA, SOMA (I assume you're in Ontario because you do DECA), and Debate. To give you my experience, I explored into:

DECA - President
Entrepreneurial venture - Started my own music lesson service company
Debate Team - Co-Captain

in that order.

The reason I put in my entrepreneurial venture was because I did it with the Summer Company program (did you do it with them too, or was it just by yourself)? This way I have a good reference for that.
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