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Ivey Supplementary Application...aka freaking out

A photo of Eccedentesiast Eccedentesiast
I know that my mark is probably alright at an ~94 but I'm really worried about my ECs. For my EC's I'm listing:

Senior Band (First Chair + Section Lead): I started a year late and worked my butt off to get to first chair and lead sectionals

Environmental Club (Executive): Club acknowledged as part of CNE float, club organized the first Green Fest in Scarborough and school got platinum ranking from EcoSchool again

Personal and Social Responsibilities Club (Executive): Came up with a fundraiser to replace the bake sales that weren't allowed anymore. Team's planning a fashion show. I also suggested an open mike night that's in the process of being planned so I can't include that >.<

The problem is that for the most part, there hasn't been much amazing about my ECs, compared to the ones i've been reading from everone else, particularly in the environmental club because it is definitely more teamwork oriented. I'm just wondering if my EC's are competitive enough?

My English skills are not amazing either so I'm really scared about the application. If you could give me some feedback, I'll be very grateful. Thanks in advance!
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A photo of ElIipsis ElIipsis
Your EC's actually look really good to me. And definitely don't sell yourself short on them. Write about all the extra hours, the pain in the butt, the headaches and the great payoffs. If one of your schools need a supplementary essay, definitely use that to your advantage.

Also, I think it was QC last year that had about ~5ish spots for listing ECs? Well, anyways, list them chronologically at first and then by dedication. Plus, if you play an instrument or do EC's in the community, they tend to really like that.

Your marks are great! A 94 should be a mark you're happy with.

Good luck!
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A photo of maynards maynards
you have good ECs to work with.
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A photo of unigirl123101 unigirl123101
It just depends on how you sell them. I don't think they are amazing ECs but it's enough to work with! Have you had a job ro volunteered in the community? If so, definitely include those as well.

Good luck!
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A photo of onlymatthew onlymatthew
Your EC's are good enough, your marks are great and your English seems a lot more coherent than a lot of the other grade 12s who are making these threads.

Consider yourself accepted.
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A photo of Finance27 Finance27
I got a couple of questions:

1. For addresses - we fill out only Kin and April right (I live at the same house year-round, no special circumstances). I put my father's name in the Kin address. This is what I am supposed to do right? And finally, I put my own email in the Kin. I just copied everything to April as well.

2. For PreRequisites, does this apply to High school/grade 12 students? It says "if you have taken gr.12 math courses and are a university-bound student" or something along that line. For me, I listed my 3 maths that I took/taking/will take.

3. MOST IMPORTANTLY...We are supposed to make an "Insider Track" account with Ivey's website to do the HBA AEO application, correct? I made this before I applied to Western. How will they link this to my OUAC and grades? Will they just use my name to find my info?

Also...My school was not listed under the institutions, disappointment I know. Do they care about this? It is a fully public secondary school, built in 2003. Not sure why it isn't there.
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