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Ivy League Obsession

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Why are people so obsessed with the Ivy League? Aren't McGill and UToronto ranked up there too?
Is there anything an Ivy League education can provide you with that you couldn't get elsewhere? And if you're going into medicine, will it help at all? I've heard that generally non-Ivy grads are more successful... then why do people think it's either Ivy or nothing. Everyone at my school thinks they're going to get into an Ivy but they don't know how hard it is especially for internationals. Should I just remind myself every time that as long as you work hard enough to get somewhere, the university you go to won't matter?
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A photo of OscarUK OscarUK
A combo of and bunch of both tangible and intangible factors:

The fact that people always want what they can't have
Media hype
League tables
And of course undeniably solid academics.

add all this together, and you have your answer.
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Prestige is definitely a factor for a lot of applicants. Although for me it was probably the least important factor when I applied.

I don't doubt that you can be successful wherever you go, but I would argue that Ivy League schools do have proportionally more opportunities and resources available for their students compared to other schools.
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@Respects wrote
This is Canada. There are no ivy leagues here. All universities are publicly funded. Some are older and specialize in research,so therefore have better reputations.

Yes but the OP is talking about US uni's by way of a comparison to the likes of Uoft/McGill, read before you write.
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