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JA company program

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Today there was a guest coming to my accounting class and introduced a business workshop called" Junior Achievement Company program". Did anyone participate in that program? Do you think it's worth it for me to spend time and money on it?
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I'm not in biz but I was part of JA in high school. I joined my school business club and my friends and I (~20 of us) started up a JA company of our choosing (we designed and produced t-shirts to sell). It was a good experience even as a non-biz person and my friends that wanted to go into business took up exec positions. They learned how to network with different companies and oversee a "business", which was great for them. I don't recall putting too much money into it, but there may be startup fees depending on what each company chooses to do. If you sell a product though, you end up earning some of that back. I think we got around $40 each by the end but we decided to donate it charity instead. There wasn't too much of a time commitment, we met from 7-10pm every Monday night.
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