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Jam sessions

A photo of Angrleway Angrleway
Which universities in Canada are generally well-known for their "jam sessions" or have somewhat frequent gatherings on campus where anybody in the group is welcome to bring an instrument or sing along to make music?
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2 replies
A photo of seasharp seasharp
I would assume that this probably happens everywhere. If it doesn't, you could always make it happen. There's also likely some sort of band "club" that you could also participate in.
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A photo of Angrleway Angrleway
Thanks for the quick reply! I know that Guelph in particular (because you're going there) is actually quite well-known for it because they have these events at orientation on the Johnston Green. Everyone I know who went there seems to know about it, and one of them said it was because of the "hippy culture". :alien:
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