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A photo of MisbahS MisbahS
Where do I look for a job for students online?
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
Uh... really?...

http://lmgtfy.com/?q=canada+student+jobs - oh look, only 8.7 million sites for you to check out
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A photo of tylerkading tylerkading
You can also go to the government of Canada's website to look for job opportunities for summer, or look on your municipality or city's website. A lot of them will have links for you to send your application to them, or some hire a person to help you find jobs. You can also google stores or places that you are interested in applying to and apply to them online.
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A photo of Tamanna Tamanna
hmmmmm. check kijjij they have preety good job offers
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A photo of reneestrickland reneestrickland
I normally just use kijiji or jobbank.gc.ca
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A photo of jenny12sohn jenny12sohn
GOOGLE :cyclops:
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