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Jobs with Business Degrees

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After much consideration i've decided that i would optimistacally like to become a CA then pursue a MBA then finally achieve CFA designation however i'm wondering if there are other options or paths that are less travelled with a degree in Business.

I'm still in highschool gr 11 however i'm planning on applying to in order of preference:

Waterloo AFM-PM/FM
Schulich BBA
McMaster BComm
Laurier BBA

so far im pretty sure i would like to become a CA are their any forum members that are CAs or know CAs who hate their job ? or find it extremely difficult? or perhaps labour and stress intesive?

Aside from the obvious financial upside of being a CA what are the downsides? the disadvantages not talked about ?

How does being a CGA or CMA compare to the likes of a CA ?
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