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John Molson Business, How good is it ?

A photo of maniksaraf maniksaraf
Hey I just got accepted to JMSB
how good is it?
is montreal a good city to study/work in ?
is the Employment rate high ?
Help me out :/
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A photo of SuarezKopHero SuarezKopHero
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A photo of illuminati illuminati
Great things about JMSB:
- IMO John Molson is one of the most underrated b-schools in Canada and is on my top 10.
- Great school spirit and student involvement.
- Known to have a strong focus on sustainability.
- Gigantic business building equipped with state-of-the-art technology.
- Kenneth Woods portfolio program for finance similar to UBC's PMF program.
- Students get to travel: Has exchange partners with tons of global universities (complete list). Also recognized as a top performing school in national and international business competitions and was twice invited to compete in the elite Marshall International Case Competition in Los Angeles (Queen's, Ivey, McGill and Sauder were the only other Cdn schools to be invited to compete in the past).

The downside to JMSB has to be their employment opportunities for JMSB students after graduation:
- Employment report (found here): On avg, last yr's grads earned $42G.
- International placements: 91% placed in Quebec and 2% internationally.
- 68% found jobs 3 mths after graduation, but I'm not sure if they're taking into consideration if these students are deciding to travel or continue their education?
- Not elite yet: No mention of MBB or bulge brackets as firms that recruit at JMSB.
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A photo of RobbieF RobbieF
It's very well known around Canada especially. Most people have trouble deciding between McGill and Concordia for the whole Prestige vs Quality reason. From what I've been told by numerous people, the program itself is excellent and graduates tend to have a very solid background when entering the work force. It's not a bad choice if you are really leaning towards it.
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@maniksaraf wrote
Hey I just got accepted to JMSB
how good is it?
is montreal a good city to study/work in ?
is the Employment rate high ?
Help me out :/

Hi maniksaraf,

I have also been admitted to JMSB's Full-time MBA for the Fall 2011 term.

As far as I have researched about Montreal, I hear it is a fantastic place where businesses are booming. The average living expenses are comparatively lesser compared to other 'bigger' cities. On graduation, I doubt that there will be students who don't end up with a decent job. JMSB is offering excellent opportunities for students to come face to face with eminent personalities and individuals. The networking opportunities are quite impresssive and I hope to build a network of around 300 professsionals.

I would say don't worry about the reputation of the school or the mind-boggling statistics displayed on the website. Simply decide your course of action for the next two years. If you feel that whatever JMSB is offering comes in sync with your expectations, your job is half done.

But yes, there is the question of the French language. Although people may say that familiarity with the language would be helpful, I advise you to enroll with some courses and get acclimatized with the language. Knowing the language will actually help your post-MBA's chances of landing a dream job.

Hope to meet you there. Stay in touch. Wishing you all the best.
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