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Journalism at Carleton

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I accepted my offer to Carleton for Journalism and I was wondering if there are any current students who can give me any information or advice about the program and the work in general? I'm quite shy and I know this is a hands on course and I'll also be moving far from home but I know the program is well thought of! So what do you guys think of the program? Also would you suggest me purchasing a MacBook? Anything you can tell me about the program and my opportunities in Ottawa and at Carleton (I plan to later attend law school) would be greatly appreciated. Also I'm curois who else has applied/ accepted their offer to journalism for September?

Thanks!! :D
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A photo of Hunter14 Hunter14
Well I was accepted very early, in the second week of December so they used my grade eleven marks (including two 4U courses I took early) to calculate my average which was also an 89% at the time. I think you should be accepted no problem (they only want me to maintain an 82% to keep my conditional offer). Although I feel as though I heard if you've been accepted into one program at Carleton you need to notify them that you're still waiting for the second one. I don't remember exactly but I think they only offer you one program at a time, I could be wrong but you could always try calling them or emailing them. I've e-mailed them and they've been quick with answering my questions. Good luck though, maybe we'll encounter eachother in September haha.
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