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Journalism at Ryerson..too late?

A photo of sj25 sj25
hi :)
I am a senior in high school and I didn't apply to the Journalism pogram at Ryerson but now i wish I did because I'm almost sure I would have gotten in because hve a lot of experience in writing/have published work ( I wrote for the kid section of the toronto star and a feeder newspaper to the toronto star) . Now I really regret my decision to not apply and I'm guessing it too late to apply now...is it? Also, I I were to attend York for a psychology (Bsc) for first year and then aply for the Journalism program at ryerson and switch would my credits be transferrable and would I have a worse chance of getting in as opposed to if I'd applied now?

thank you:)
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A photo of VictoriaNguyen VictoriaNguyen
Check the program's application deadline on the Ryerson website. I applied in November and got accepted in March. Apparently they only accept 150 students every year... Good luck.
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A photo of nadia93 nadia93
i went on the ouac website and went to ryerson's programs and saw that journalism is not closed yet, maaaaybe you can still apply? try calling admissions and asking first but i can see that a lot of other programs have the red word 'closed' beside them but not journalism :)
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A photo of cdkpsa cdkpsa
Was it Brand New Planet that you wrote for? I wrote for that, and I submitted one of my articles from eighth grade + 4 others I wrote. The website says 10 days after your application so you should be able to apply, but I would give them a call first.
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