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A photo of allison123 allison123
My absolute dream is to be accepted into Carleton for Journalism. My grades right now are 81, 80, and 83. Is there absolutely no hope in getting into this program? (Okay, a little overly dramatic but this is my dreamschool! Also - is there anything to do to increase my chances? (Besides of course, work super hard in my last 3 courses)
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A photo of Jessa Jessa
You should be able to get in! I would still suggest working really hard to bring your marks up a bit, but I think you still have a shot. I got in with an 86-87% average, which isn't too much higher than you, so you should be good. But like you said in brackets, working hard to raise your marks will increase your shot. Goodluck!
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
Your marks are borderline for Journalism at Carleton. The higher the marks the better, but it's not impossible to get in.
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