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just a question...

A photo of JSmith JSmith
I don't want to report my grades yet because I feel I did well on provincial exams (especially English which is really hurting me) so I want to wait until the results are in (which isn't until like march). Is there a point in self reporting grades right now if they are probably not high enough for admission? Will it hurt me if I do and then update them when I get the results? Because at the same time it would be nice to submit them and get accepted to my second choice (which I easily qualify for) as long as I'm not hurting my chances at my first choice.
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A photo of sarahwold sarahwold
i know waht you mean i havent aplied ethier adn i see all these people saying early acceptance, including most of my frineds. the only problem is the registering especially with residence does not allow to take my own sweet time to wait for provincal exams to come out
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A photo of RockChen RockChen
What I heard was that early application doesn't always equate to early acceptance. Depending on schools, some might only start reviewing profiles/grades after the designated deadline.
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