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Kind of freaking out? :)

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Hi there,
My dilemma is that I've been fast-tracking through high school in hopes of getting out a semester early in order to volunteer in a foreign country, or do something that correlates to the finer things in life. I've managed to do it quite well, by the completion of first semester next year I'll be out of there! The only thing is my marks generally did not turn out as great as I had hoped so I was planning on redoing some courses perhaps, either during night school, online, or in place of one of my next years' courses. I'm planning on getting into biology/life sciences so obviously I need relatively good marks.
Grade 12 marks thus far:
Visual Arts: 84
Calculus: 71
Advanced Functions: 76
^(Would you believe that up until grade 12 my math marks have always been in the 90's? :scratch:)
Exercise Science: 90
Biology: 85
Chemistry: 84

So during the summer I plan on doing grade 12 english. Last summer I did the grade 11 version and ended up with a 99, so I'm feelin' confident about this one.

Next year my current semester consists of Classical Civilizations, Philosophy, Writer's Craft, and World History, most of these courses seemed appealing by their descriptions. :P
So as most know, in Ontario we need 30 credits to graduate, and with summer school I'll have 27. That leaves me to take 3 mandatory courses during the semester with the opportunity of redoing 2 courses: one in night school or online, and one during the semester. What should I do/ which courses should I retake?

P.S anyone wanna reccommend good biology/life sciences programs for someone of my average? :P
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w/ your avg i think you're okay for most of the life science programs, save for mcgill's life science/biology and maybe Queen's, mcgill requires 93%+ and queen's i'm not too sure of.

as for which courses to retake, it doesn't matter. you'll have enough courses for your top 6 and that's all that matters. there may be some programs which will include your adv functions or calc mark so maybe redo those.

it is also perfectly believable for you to get 90s+ in grades 9-11 and get 70s in grade 12 maths. grade 9-11 math is a joke compared to higher math courses and i did drop 5% or so.

i wouldn't take semestre 2 of grade 12 high school off because i've been through it and you do miss a lot. up to you though.
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A photo of superstar2011 superstar2011
It's really up to you which courses you retake, but retaking a math course is probably the most promising. Your programs will probably include a mandatory math credit to be used in your top 6, and since they're also your lowest, you have the most hopes of bringing them up. And I understand why you'd freak out- grade 12 math is generally a jump from the previous levels. I also suggest you take it easy with the timing; leaving a semester early might sound like fun, but it will definitely stress you more earlier since you have to complete more credits early. Having 3-4 credits a semester and doing consistently in them is the way to go, I'd say. If you think you can handle the extra courses in the short timing, go for it.

If you do plan on redoing both math courses, it's probably a good idea if you choose Calculus to do online/night school and Advanced Functions during the semester (Calculus is VERY rarely offered in semester 1 anyway, since Advanced Functions is a prerequisite or corequisite (for term schools)). I say this since I found Advanced Functions lighter than Calculus when taking them during day school.

With your three mandatory courses during the semester, I honestly don't know which ones are the most appealing for you. All I know is that all of the courses you mentioned guarantee project-related essay writing.
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You could also just do the extra semester of high school, and just delay whatever you were planning to do by a bit... Some universities have January admissions.
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@michaelplease wrote
You could also just do the extra semester of high school, and just delay whatever you were planning to do by a bit... Some universities have January admissions.

That is true. On OUAC, where you apply for a certain program in the following year, you usually have a choice between September and January. The problem, though, is that a semester runs until the END of January, which creates a time conflict.
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A photo of Toronto12 Toronto12
Depending on which university, your marks will need to be higher (Bio, Chem, Cal, AF).
Here are some universities and their cutoffs (I got into these 2 years ago, so the cutoffs might be different)

I got in all of these with mid 80s in bio, chem and AF and high 80s with Cal. If you get marks similar to mine, you should be fine. :)
Waterloo Life science Co-op/ non-co-op (I don't know why I applied to both co-op and non :S)
-Waterloo tends to look at your grade 11 marks and use it to send out early admissions
Western Life science
-I think the cutoff was around low to mid 80s
UofT Saint George Life Science
- The cutoff was around mid 80s to high 80s
York Life science
-Cutoff was high 70s to low 80s

Nonetheless, you SHOULD improve your calculus and AF mark (Re-do them next semester) [I don't think UofT or Waterloo will care if you re-did those courses]

Note: You don't really need extracurricular activities to be admitted in most life science programs. However, it is best that you start some volunteering in hospitals, research, and medical related activities to prepare you for the interviews (If you plan to go to Med School). The MCat/PCat exams and interviews will ask for past experiences that show commitment, effort and leadership in the medical field. (Be prepared...) Anyways good luck :D\

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