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Kinda nervous about this! Please help!

A photo of bricksquad bricksquad
So everyone already knows that unis calculate the top six 4U/M courses. However, I have only six classes total taken in Grade 12. One of those classes was Spanish and the course code is LWSDU1. I was just wondering if unis consider this to be just like a 4U class and include it in the average, even though it has a D instead. Anyone else who took Spanish that can answer this for me please??
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A photo of jadegoddard jadegoddard
LWSDU1 is equivalent to a grade 12 University course. Despite the fact that it has a D it will be included in your top 6 grade 12 University classes, if you have only taken five other grade 12U courses and Spanish being counted as your sixth. If you have any further doubts I recommmend you address the issue with your guidance counsellor to make sure you are eligible to graduate come June.
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A photo of mccannca466 mccannca466
If the course code has a U anywhere in it, then it is a University level course. So it can be used in your top 6 average.
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