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Kinda weird: I don't want to like university?

A photo of Ranta Ranta
I recently arrived at a university 6 hours away from home. I guess I like it here, but I also really want to transfer to a local school next year for a number of reasons:

1) Money-- it'd be almost 15,000 dollars cheaper to live at home (and the quality of education would be just as good)
2) I really miss my friends and family, and honestly don't think that I was emotionally ready to leave home when I did. I know how to be independent, but my parents are literally my best friends, I want to live close to them. I'm a very family oriented person and, while I can be happy without them, I'm so much happier with them.
3) The program I'm interested in is offered at both universities, but I'm starting to realize that I also really, really want to consider a program that's offered solely at my local school.

This probably sounds weird, but the one thing I'm scared of is getting too attached to the school I'm at now. I want myself to want to go home, if that makes sense-- I'm afraid that in a few months time, I'll want to stay here instead. I don't want my priorities to change. But then again, I don't want to hate it here and be totally miserable for a year.

I guess what I'm asking is this: how can I make my year enjoyable without getting too attached? As strange as that sounds, any advice is greatly appreciated. :)
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A photo of OscarUK OscarUK
Just wondering, why did you go in the first place?
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A photo of ktel ktel
^ +1. Sounds like you could have benefited from a year off. Transferring can be difficult and you can lose credits in the process.
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A photo of Ranta Ranta
Honestly, most of it was peer pressure. I love learning and have always wanted to go to university, so I knew for sure that's what I'd be doing after high school. But my parents pushed me to go away because that's what they both did-- they're willing to let me commute, but always thought it was a bad idea.

Most people I went to school with (and all of my friends) went away to university-- it's just the normal thing to do here, so I kind of felt like I didn't have another option. It wasn't until the start of the summer that I really started talking to people who were planning to stay home, and realized that I was making a really bad choice for me.

I know that transfer credits can be a bit of an issue, but I've already looked into things and know that all of the courses I'm taking can be transferred. As long as I get a 3.25 this year, I'm good to go. :)
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A photo of aquarius aquarius
Since u did say your parents pushed you to go away, then maybe it's a good thing. Perhaps they were thinking of what would benefit you in the long run . Enjoy your 1st year and don't force yourself not to like it. If after the end of 1st year ,u still feel the way u do then move home.

Good Luck.
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A photo of LRooke LRooke
Think about what you want in life. Once you know why you're going to university at all, you'll find it much easier to screen out doubts and distractions like whether you're going to enjoy school. Focus on your priorities,stop living in the now, it'll make you much happier in the long term.
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
Just take the time to think about it. A similar situation happened to you roommate in first year. We discussed her options in detail and she ended up returning to her hometown and went to school nearby rather than 4 hours away. She feels much more happy living among her family and friends. There may still be downsides to be found (like she no longer enjoys her new program as much as her old one) but which ever makes you happy is best. Do not sacrifice your happiness for a career that will be tumultuous to get to.
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