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A photo of Berringer Berringer
Hi all,

I plan on going into Kinesiology for my undergrad, but I need help on deciding on a university.

My curret marks are:
English - 84
West and the World ( History ) - 85
Psychology - 90

Biology- ?
Adv. Functions - ?
World Issues - ?
Food and Nutrition Science - ?

Out of Western, uWindsor, UofT, Laurier and York, which program would you say is best?

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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
McMaster,York and Western have best kin programs in Ontario I heard. Waterloo is also good but places a large emphasis on physics.
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A photo of ChristaJones ChristaJones
There are a wide variety of career opportunities with a kinesiology degree, and even there are greater opportunities leading to higher education with this degree.
There are a variety of Kinesiology careers, salaries, and opportunities which are opened with just a degree. The best is when the students elect to continue their education into a more specialized field. Kinesiology is considered one the best educations to help you move into graduate courses
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A photo of mayaxo mayaxo
When I volunteered at a Physiotherapy center, the Physio told me that the best schools were McMaster, Western, Waterloo and Guelph for Human Kinetics. U of T is more educational based since it is not a bachelor in science. Depends what you want!
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A photo of runna4life runna4life
There are schools that are better/worse for kin, but its really reputational based. I am planning on going to Windsor for kin next year, but it's not because my average wasn't high enough to get into any other schools. Because it is farther away from the GTA, less people want to go there, so the admission average is lower. Not necessarily a bad thing, especially for someone applying with a high average, looking for scholarships. Also, you have to consider class sizes, and what kind of an environment you learn best in. Do you want a school with lectures that are 700-1000 people? or would you do better with a 200/300 size, where you can actually interact with your profs, not just TA's?
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