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Kinesiology? Future? Help? Pleaseee?

A photo of NatashaForever NatashaForever
So basically I'm a grade 12 student, who's going to apply for university, soon. As in this weekend maybe. But I need some advice.
Soooo I've always thought I would go into science, however I discovered I suck at math.
So I dropped the only math course I had, Advanced Functions, since I was getting a 61 by midterms.

Sooo I can still apply to very few science programs (Health Science - Health studies major at Waterloo, Kinesiology at Western)

However I'm not sure how math heavy those programs are. I've heard from my physics teacher from last year (I did horrible in that course) that kinesiology is all physics. If that's the case, I feel like I shouldn't apply since it's pointless. Although the prereqs are only English and Biology.

Otherwise I'm going for an Arts major. I could always go for law afterwards. Psychology really interests me, or even a B.A. in health studies.

Here are the courses I'm currently taking, and my marks as of now:
ENG4U0 - 83
HZT4U0 - 87
SBI4U0 - 76

Next semester I have:
Chemistry, Canadian and International Law, French and Photography. I'm pretty sure I can get mid 80s in everything, except maybe Chemistry...that'll probably be in the 70s, but if I try hard enough an 80.

Ahhh opinions would really be appreciated.

Thanks in advance! :colors:
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A photo of rightsaidfred rightsaidfred
My opinion: study hard, cheat if you have to, and get good marks.

If you get high 80s/low 90s, do life science.

If you get low 80s/mid 80s, do life science.

If you get high 70s/low 80s, do anything else.
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A photo of KayS94 KayS94
^ cheat if you have to? how bout actually learning the material and trying to do your best? cheating is definitely not the way to go.

from what i understand, kinesiology is more biology than physics- it involves a lot of physiology.
i think you should apply for kin at Western & also an arts program. whichever one you choose to go to, you can take courses from the other as your electives. once you do first year university, you can decide whether or not you like your program. if you dont like it, you can always switch.

good luck :)
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A photo of Paridhi Paridhi
Just work hard. If you need extra help refer to sites like the khanacademy.org and patrickjmt.com

Don't worry, your life isn't over.
And yes, as far as I know, kinesiology is a LOT of physiology.
It's about how to solve medical problems by understanding the roots and basis of how the body moves/functions while movements. You would definitely need to look into physics for that.
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A photo of broodp4 broodp4
Hahaha Wat? Physics in kinesiology? Math? Seriously? My buddy is doing kin and gradualting soon. Any math courses he has done involve very basic data analysis and even then, there are only 2. You gotta be kidding me saying there is physics in kinesiology, because if there were then half the class would def fail. I think you guys are referring biomechanics which has absolutely nothing to do physics, and is actually more related to biology.
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A photo of BryanaButlar BryanaButlar
Kinesiology is the study of movement which has become an alternative for medicine practitioners to describe a form of therapy, that uses muscle monitoring to look at what may be causing imbalances in the body. The kinesiology approach examines unresolved stress reactions in a person and provides techniques to assist the body’s natural healing process.
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