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Kinesiology? Pre-med? Which programs are the best?

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Hi! I wish to study Kinesiology at university but I'm pre-med as well. Are any of the programs that I've applied to not conducive to this goal?
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Any program is good for a "pre-med", but you have to make sure you get the pre reqs for each school you end up applying too. Kinesiology (at Mac for example) is a direct entry program. In first year, you have to take 6 kin courses, and you only have room for 4 electives. From what I've heard about Med pre reqs, you'll need a background in chemistry, biology, physics, biochem, and organic chemistry. As well as statistics and humanities. They're looking for students who are well-rounded in all aspects. Most people get upset as to how little relation life science programs have to med school, but that's how it's supposed to be. You'll learn all the knowledge you need to become a doctor in Med School, so that in undergrad you take what you want and the pre reqs to fulfill the requirements. If you can't get these pre reqs in Kin, you might regret your choice
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