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Kinesiology Programs

A photo of jmarts jmarts
Hi All,

I am hoping someone can provide me with info on the kinesiology programs at:

Thanks in advance for any help.
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A photo of jmarts jmarts
Also if anyone has any pros or cons in reagrds to a bachelor of arts in kinesiology vs. a bachelor of science in kinesiology.

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A photo of runna4life runna4life
What do you want to know about WIndsor's Kin? i went for a tour there, and am planning to go there next year :)
As far as BA vs BSc in kin, it really depends what you want to do after undergrad. If you're looking at personal training, teaching, etc BA is the way to go. However, BSc is more science based obviously, and you can use it to get into med school, physiotherapy, chiro, etc. It also prepares you better for grad school in those areas.

University of Windsor Kin (Waiting)
McMaster Honours Kin (Waiting)
Waterloo Kin with co-op (Waiting)
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A photo of jmarts jmarts
For Windsor what do you like about the program and school?
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A photo of runna4life runna4life
Ok well when I took my tour, I had an opportunity to speak with a kin professor there, who was more than willing to answer any questions I might have had. He mentioned a few things you might be interested in hearing. First, they just finished renovating one half of the kinesiology building, so it is now a great mix of old and new. There are biomechanics labs with force platforms, 3D cameras, etc, basically everything you would want in a kin lab (which by the way are available to you to book). The program is relatively small, so there is lots of one on one, and all profs have an open door policy, so you can talk to them anytime. They also have their own study area with fridge, stove, microwave, computers, and desks, only for kin students. The other main thing I really liked was how first year you get right into the program, and don't have to take a whole bunch of unrelated courses to weed out students that might not be as dedicated. All in all, it looks like a good option!
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A photo of Uncotran Uncotran
The only one I've heard of from the ones you've listed is Brock.
Guelph, OU and windsor kin programs are practically unheard of...
Top kin: Mac, UW, York, Western
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