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Kinesiology vs Health Sci vs Bio-med vs etc....

A photo of nicka94 nicka94
Ok so I am a student in grade 12 and I'm just starting out my research for universities and stuff. I am currently taking G12 Bio, Chem, Functions, Physics, Calculus, and Challenge and Change. Obviously with the schedule i have I am more geared towards Science than anything else. I'm interested in medicine but open to whatever interests me throughout Uni.

I have been looking at Kinesiology, Health Science, Bio-med, and a couple other programs mainly at Western, Queen's, and Mac. I have visited Western and from my brief experience it looks like a good school but as far as the other two go, I have next to zero info.

What I'm looking for is just some opinions as to
a) What program(s) are interesting
b) Which Universities should I be looking at (based on atmosphere, prestige of certain program, general stuff like that)
c) What the social life is like at different Universities (I have heard that Queens tends to be pretentious but I'm not really going by what I here from friends on something like this)
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A photo of ez2bme07 ez2bme07
Hey good choices! My best friend is in bio-med and it seems like a lot of work! I'm in Kin and I love it! I guess you could say the program of choice depends on your study habits, your social life and personality. Kin is really for those sporty folks. I love the energy everyone in my class has, so my vote is Kin. =)
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A photo of nicka94 nicka94
Is there a difference in the mandatory courses between Kin and say Bio-med or health sci?
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
Unless you have an interest in phys-ed, or becoming a chiropractor I wouldn't do Kin. With Biomed or Health sci you're also probably going to need to do something else afterwards. I would choose which one interests you more. All 3 of your university choices have great science programs.
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