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A photo of shawwn24 shawwn24
Which Ontario University offers the best kinesiolgy/ human kinetics program? Does anyone know anything about the programs offered at Ottawa University, Western University and/or Queen's University?

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A photo of phyllisung phyllisung
i can tell you right now from those three, queens is probably the best from them, then western, and ottawa is definitely last. trust me, you shouldnt go there because it isnt very well known for its kin program.
its more known for engineering, french, poli sci, etc.

Queens this year will ONLY accept 90 people, with Gr 12 physics as one of the prereqs, yes thats right you can double check on einfo. Plus, the entering average is about 89 to 90 percent plus!! Thats high.

Western is also has a great Kin program. They have a strong Jewish demographic and is also the 3rd biggest university in Ontario. First is U of T then York.

Best of luck
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A photo of homeboy13 homeboy13
what is the exact cut off average when applying to york kine for science and arts?
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