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A photo of 17socs 17socs
How is the residence life?
Is it difficult to adjust?
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A photo of AshleyLynne AshleyLynne
residence is just weird because your living on your own, or semi on your own if u have roomates. Why is this question under kinesiology? you'd get far more replies if it was residence or something..
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A photo of MarieAlyssa MarieAlyssa
How would Kinesiology affect the health of people?
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A photo of pcdavidvs pcdavidvs
Most people i know have really enjoyed living in res. Even if you don't like your roommate you can still have a really good time so I wouldn't worry too much.
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A photo of Brocco Brocco
Living in residence gives you the chance to get to know new people who all happen to be young students as well. If you are new to a city it can be a lifesaving experience for you, as your social network is essentially handed to you on a platter. One thing is that residence is notorious for lots of partying (everyone likes to party, but res can be excessive) and a lot of immature behaviour (like vandalism), and can be like an extension of high school. If this is what you are looking for, residence is your place. If you want to make sure you can sleep at night and want to be serious about school, as well as possibly make more mature friends, residence is not for you.

For most people, I think residence is beneficial for the first year or two, until you make your own friends and get a feel for the campus/city. Then you move out with a few people into an apartment or house off campus and enjoy real life for a while ;)

Hope that perspective helps.
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