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Alright, so right now I'm in my last year of highschool, and I'm highly considering doing kinesiology but the problem is I'm not sure which University is right for me. I'm thinking about applying to the kinesiology at York-keele campus. From what I've heard they offer a good kin program, and its mainly known for kin. I also really want to do Kin Co-op at Waterloo/ and maybe even Western. What averages would I generally need to get into theses Uni's and which Uni will be more beneficial to me? My career plan is to head into physiotherapy and my first sem mid term is 81% and I also live in sauga FYI.
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Waterloo you need mid 80's for coop. Western mid 80's too. You have a good chance of getting into York. McMaster has one of the best kin programs in Ontario and you need high-80's.
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