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Language 11

A photo of MoH232 MoH232

I am in grade 12, and I just found out that you need a language 11 to get in to UBC.

I have the following classes Chem 12 - 98% Physics 12 - 97% Math 12 - 98% Calculus 12 - 96% English 12 - 95% PE 12 - 99% Biology 12 - 92%

But no Language 11, what is the the fastest way possible I can get a credited language 11?

~MoH :batman:
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A photo of Nordith Nordith
Hi! Are you from BC or outside of BC? If you have some legitimate excuse for not completing a language 11, like learning disability (highly not likely for you) or you entered the BC education system after grade 9, then you can be exempted from this requirement. If you are not from BC then you may as well go to another university. If you are from BC, you should call UBC. I think you can try to finish a language 11 course during summer, either online or in summer school, but I don't know if completing a course next summer will count for your current application.
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A photo of MoH232 MoH232
Thanks for the reply! I am in BC, and have been attending school here my whole life. I know that ASL is a language 11 class, but I don't know if I need grade 10/grade 9 ASL..

Does McGill/UoT/UW require a language 11?
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