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A photo of Zion Zion
I've always been into languages, but I'm worried I won't have time for them next year. My program has a lot of requirements so I doubt I'll be able to take more than two language courses.

I'd like to improve my German - I'm at an intermediate level - so that I can study abroad again. Does anyone here study languages, either in or out of school? How do you find the time for it? What resources do you use (e.g. clubs, websites, etc.)?
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A photo of g93 g93
A little late, but... foregin exchange
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A photo of tjozef tjozef
books, dvds, etc. from amazon
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A photo of lemony lemony
Studying the grammar using books and talking and writing with native speakers. You can't learn that much of a language in a classroom - you need to have real conversations with people who speak it fluently.
livemocha.com is a site that helps you find native speakers of different languages. Personally, I have friends from overseas, so I talk to them on Skype. I would talk to them anyway so it's not really "making time", it's just what I would do normally (i.e. having friends).
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