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A photo of Smothy88 Smothy88
What laptop should I get for university? Im looking at spending about 1000 dollars.

Also is there a specific time stores put good specials on for laptops.
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A photo of g93 g93
Are you looking at spending 1000 dollars including accessories? If it's just the computer, is that before taxes?

Back to school sales will be good. Dell currently has "12 days of Deals" or something that they are promoting.
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A photo of littleroom littleroom
You could probably get a decent laptop for $700-$800. I would save as much as I can, because laptops break all the time (whether you spent a lot or a little on it). Although such anecdotes exist for all computer companies, I had an awful experience with Dell. I ordered a $1700 custom laptop from them and on the first day the fan was running extremely loudly and the computer would type by itself (I could no longer log in). When I called them complaining, they first offered to take my laptop back and replace the fan with a refurbished fan (even though I just had paid &1700 for a new one). And then they showed me how to fix the keyboard problem - temporarily. Finally, they offered to send me a new laptop but without the custom design I'd chosen for it. I ended up returning it and buying an $800 Toshiba.
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