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Late AFMAA invitation.

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So, I just got an email from Waterloo telling me that I was invited to write the AFMAA. So... why were they so late lol. Maybe it's because I'm an international student? They said they messed up though. Whatever.

Anyway, I need a proctor and I have 5 days to arrange for one (well 4 days seeing as tomorrow is a weekend for me) fml.
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Congrats! They said they messed up, so they probably did mess up. They have a large volume of applications and they have to send out a large volume of invites. It's easy for someone to get lost in all the chaos.

A proctor can be filled by a variety of people- doctor, lawyer, teacher, principal, accountant, policeman, politician, etc. (double-check on some of those, there's an official list on the AFM site). It shouldn't be too hard to find someone.
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