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Laurier acceptance

A photo of rgabriela rgabriela
I applied to Laurier BBA but when my letter came saying "we thank you for applying.." it didn't mention anything about supplementary application, do I need one in order to get in, I'm freaking out as today is the last day for submitting applications.
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A photo of Neil01 Neil01
Same :) i also got a email confirming my application. As far as i know, a supplementary form is not required unless you fall within 3% of the average. But if you are feeling very insecure about your average its up to u to fill it out, especially if your EC's are very decent.. LOL mine's aren't!
But anyways i hope u get accepted Good Luck !! :)
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A photo of thecookiemonster thecookiemonster
Ya its an optional supp (called the ABS). If you're above the cutoff, you get in. if you're within 3% as Neil01 said, they look at it.

You DON'T need to fill it out by the OUAC deadline. the deadline was like April last year.
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A photo of rgabriela rgabriela
Where do I find the ABS, i have amazing EC I just can't find the place where I fill it out...
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A photo of Krizen Krizen
Greetings Laurier hopefuls! I'm a first year student currently at Laurier and I can definitely say you've all made a great choice. The ABS is completely optional and it's only recommended if you fall within 3% of the BBA cutoff, which is an 87 I believe. It's located on the telaris website mentioned in the confirmation email Laurier sends once you have applied. Hope that helps!
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