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Laurier BBA 2012!!

A photo of business2016 business2016
Alright so i know there's a bunch of these threads that have already been posted but what do you think are my chances of getting in to the Laurier BBA program?
Grade 12 marks:

Advanced Functions: 84
Economics: 90
Organizational Behavior: 81
English: 80 (projected)
International Business: 96
Data Management: 90 (projected)

That's an average of 86.8, and i just submitted my ABS form..
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A photo of Katarina101 Katarina101
You don't even need to ask, you have a high chance of getting in, good luck.
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A photo of jphudon94 jphudon94
Hey there, I too am wondering about my acceptance as well. Stressing quite badly.

Advanced Functions: 76
Business: 91
Marketing: 95
Accounting: 89
Data Management: 80
English: 84

Average: 85.8%

Would I be okay at this average? What if it was closer to an 85 flat?

Thanks a lot.
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