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Laurier BBA Acceptance Chance

A photo of daveurjit daveurjit
Guys I applied for laurier's bba program and it is my first preference
My top 6 marks are:

90-international business
83-advanced functions

I have an 83% average for my top 6 marks. I did the ABS form and it was well done. Will I get in??
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A photo of SkylarNoeL SkylarNoeL
I believe you have a very strong chance in getting in.

You will have to wait till May before your offer comes in though :albino:
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A photo of daveurjit daveurjit
Really?? are u sure? Im freaking out over here! I thought an 83% top 6 was too low for Laurier's BBA program! I hope you're right
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A photo of SkylarNoeL SkylarNoeL
Copy and pasted this from what I wrote on another thread:

@SkylarNoeL wrote

Laurier's offer will come in May. If you haven't gotten an offer already, it's probably because your Grade 11 marks were crap. How Laurier's works is there are 3 stages of acceptance:

Feb/March Early Acceptance: Based solely on Gr. 11 marks

April Acceptance: Top 6 based off your top 3 Gr. 11 and top 3 Gr. 12

May Acceptance: Top 6 based off your top 6 Gr. 12 marks including req'd credits.

If you're underneath any admission average for the program you're applying to at Laurier but within 3% of it, your ABS can help you get in.

So basically with your 83% average, you can theoretically have a "Laurier" admission average of 86% which should easily be enough for Laurier's BBA, considering how Double Degree is only around 86% to 88%.

Again, you should be fine. Take it easy for a bit, relax, and don't fail your finals. :)
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A photo of Viking21 Viking21
I wanna be realistic with you...with an 83 I think your a long-shot to get into the BBA program...but im pretty sure u'll get an alternate offer to the economics program.

Good luck

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A photo of anthonyt94 anthonyt94
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