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Laurier BBA BC Applicant

A photo of alee101 alee101
Hi Everyone,
I'm a Laurier BBA applicant from BC
Since there are different average calculation for BC and Ontario for Laurier,
I'm so confused.
So, the minimum requirement for BBA for BC Students is: English 12 at 70%, Math 12 at 70% and Calculus at 60 %
And 4 Grade 12 academic courses will be calculated.
I'm just wondering if Calculus is included in the admission average calculation.
If Calculus is not included, my average is 89%, but if it is included it's 81%
And I've filled out supplementary application, so what are the chances that I would get in??

Oh, and if there is anyone who got accepted into Laurier BBA, can you please tell me your average? Thanks!!
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A photo of SUMmer123456 SUMmer123456
Since it's listed as a minimum requirement, I'm guessing it will be used. I don't thing they use the Top 6 criteria with us BCers, at least to the best of my knowledge. I think you should have a fairly good shot; I don't think a bad calc mark will kill your chances too much. How strong was your supplementary application? What were your ecs like?
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A photo of alee101 alee101
I think my supplementary was pretty nice..
And My ECs were not superb, but they were decent.
But the thing is, I got rejected for UBC Commerce, I only got into Arts.
I'm just so worried and nervous!!
And it's so hard to find infos about Laurier in this forum for BCers
All of them are from Ontario!!
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A photo of linske linske
Did u do data management?

If yes, that can substitute for Calculus.

And yes, since last year the prerequisties are included in the admission average.

So that means ur avg is 81% to them.

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A photo of alee101 alee101
There is no such thing as "Data Management" in BC curriculum..
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