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Laurier BBA Business Administration vs Queens Arts

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I've been accepted to Queen's Arts and Laurier's Business programs so far. Queen's Commerce is my first choice but the decision is still pending right now. I want to become a Chartered Accountant some day after university. My parents were telling me that one of their friends is a chartered accountant but he did not have a business degree he had an arts degree. So my question is if I don't get accepted into Queen's Commerce would I be better off going to Queen's for honor's arts or Laurier for their business program if I want to become a chartered accountant?
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As far as I know, you cannot get your CA from Queen's Arts, unless you took some business courses and some from other schools but even then I doubt you could do it.

Laurier BBA is an excellent program and is fully accredited by ICAO. They have the most UFE Gold Medal Winners and a strong co-op program.


Now if it was Queen's Commerce versus Laurier, that would be a tougher decision, with most people probably preferring QC but it would come down to your needs/wants.
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