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Laurier BBA CA Stream

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I plan on becoming a CA and understand you need to take certain courses. How do I know how to set up my schedule and what courses to take or do they do this for me?

Also will I lose my electives.
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As long as you are in the accounting stream you will satisfy the Institute's 51 credit-hour requirement, since Laurier is fully-accredited.

I do not believe you choose whihc stream you are in until third year. Becoming a CA will have NO impact on electives in first year (and likely second). When you are in 3rd and 4th year (and an extra term) your electives wil lall be used for your specialization (accounting).
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First (and I believe 2nd) year are general so just take the compulsory courses.

3rd and 4th year you'll have to take specific ones
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