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Laurier BBA Course Selection Help

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Okay, so I have seen a lot of posts on here regarding the schedule for first years going into BBA this September, and a LOT of people are taking the same, similar courses: CP 102, SL100 (online only), AS 101, and others like Geography etc. Basically all of the bird courses.

I signed up for my courses a while ago, and I'm worried because none of the above courses are the same as what I took.

Here is my schedule:

Term 1:
BU 111
EC 120
FR 230 (I took French all through highschool and would love to continue)
MA 129
SY 101

Term 2:
BU 121
EC 140
EN 119
FR 231
PO 110

What do you think of these? Particularly the English, as apart from French, I have at least seen the other electives pop up here and there. I haven't seen English once. The idea of an online course, particularly an easy one, is interesting to me, so would that be better to take than the English? If you could help me, that would be great!
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I know a couple people taking psychology so I can't see it being too bad...Don't know if it would classify as a bird course though.

Political science - very useful, almost took it.

French - I'm taking it too!

So basically the only one Idk about is english. In regards to an online course vs. an english course, you have to ask yourself which course do you prefer most? The one you enjoy you'll likely to better in.
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