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Laurier BBA Electives

A photo of sab21 sab21
For my electives I have chosen to do CP102 and SL100. For my two remaining electives I can't decide between AS101, GG102 and AB101. I can already read a little Arabic so it might help in the Arabic course. People generally say language courses are pretty easy, but I'm not really sure? I really don't have a particular interest in any of the 3 courses, but I would like the 2 easiest courses. I'd appreciate any feedback you guys have.
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A photo of MoosterM MoosterM
I have taken AS101 and GG102. I got A- in both of them. AS101 has 30% assignment which most students get 95% on. I recommend this course cause there isnt too much work and most of the stuff can be learned off powerpoint slides. To save money, only buy the online code to do your assignment and not the book.

GG102 and GG101 are both easy imo. GG102 = read the slides and the keyterms in the book for exams + 1 group project which is a joke.
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